Disaster Preparedness 2018 Sales Tax Holiday

Tax Free Weekend.jpg

The 2018 Hurricane Season is officially underway.

With it comes the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. From June 1, 2018 through June 7, 2018 all hurricane supplies will be tax-free in the State of Florida. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to stock up on your hurricane supplies and avoid having to pay price surges as well as sales tax. The above image provides a detailed list of the items that are free of sales tax during this time.

Emergency officials suggest that you purchase sufficient supplies to survive a hurricane on your own for the first 72 hours after the storm hits. Being born and raised in South Florida and having lived through the likes of Hurricane Andrew as well as other storms, our advice is to consider that the minimum standard. You should plan for power outages and emergency conditions that extend for at least one week. Any potential storm may be slow moving and may take more than one day to completely pass over your area. Also, keep in mind that it will be extremely difficult to secure supplies once the storm has passed. For these reasons, you should plan accordingly. Hurricane supplies are common household items that you will have use for after the storm, so don’t be afraid to purchase more than you think you might need. You may even be able to help your neighbors in their time of need!

If you will be purchasing a generator, make sure to take into consideration the types of items that the generator will need to power and how much power you will need. You should also consider purchasing and installing a carbon monoxide detector if you plan on using a generator. Generators should be placed outside and away from any vents, windows, doors, etc. to ensure that you do not have any issues with carbon monoxide leaking into your home. A generator may be one of the most important supplies you buy based on how long power outages lasted for after Hurricane Irma.

Water is also a very important supply that is often overlooked. Water sources can become contaminated after a storm rendering the water unusable without boiling. For this reason, you should consider purchasing 5 gallons of water per person in your household.

South Florida is notorious for procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to prepare for storms. Be sure to take advantage and prepare from now so you aren’t dealing with the stress later!